When Do Hemorrhoids Need to Be Treated By a Doctor?


At Gastroenterology Consultants, a topic that often comes up in patient consultations is hemorrhoids. These engorged veins can manifest in your lower rectum or around your anal region, producing symptoms that may include irritation, pain, and sometimes, bleeding. Ignoring these signs can place you at risk for more complicated health issues down the road.

Gastroenterology Consultants, an authority in gastrointestinal wellness, is on a mission to enlighten its patients. Read on as our GI physicians in Houston, TX, guide you on how to best manage hemorrhoids and when it's advisable to consult a medical professional.

Why is knowing the types of hemorrhoids crucial for effective treatment?

Arming yourself with the right information is essential when navigating any health issue, hemorrhoids included. Generally, hemorrhoids fall into two categories:

  • External hemorrhoids: These appear under the skin surrounding your anus and tend to cause more discomfort.
  • Internal hemorrhoids: These are located inside the rectum and are usually less painful but may bleed occasionally.

Knowing which category you fall into helps you to secure the most beneficial medical care.

Can hemorrhoids heal on their own?

A question that often comes up is whether or not hemorrhoids can resolve spontaneously. While some less severe forms may improve on their own, most cases require a consultation with a GI specialist for accurate diagnosis and customized treatment options.

What symptoms should prompt you to get medical assistance for hemorrhoids?

Persistent indicators such as recurring itchiness, continual discomfort, or the sight of blood in your feces should be immediate red flags, prompting you to consult one of our Houston, TX GI specialists. Treatment regimens could include:

  • Application of specialized creams
  • Soaking in warm, soothing baths
  • Dietary modifications to include more fiber
  • Non-surgical methods like hemorrhoid banding
  • Invasive surgical procedures in extreme cases

Increasing your fiber intake usually suffices for treating internal hemorrhoids, but more drastic measures like surgery may be considered for complicated cases.

Consult Gastroenterology Consultants for timely intervention

Putting off a visit to the doctor can exacerbate your hemorrhoids. Timely medical attention is key to improving your overall condition. If you're encountering symptoms that suggest the presence of hemorrhoids, we urge you to contact your nearest Gastroenterology Consultants location in Houston, TX. Our dedicated team of GI physicians will provide you with the right diagnosis and an effective treatment strategy. Schedule your consultation now.

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