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Rectal, or anal, bleeding refers to the passage of blood out of your body through the rectum. Blood that is expelled through the anus is usually thought to originate in the lower colon or rectum. This type of blood is generally bright red but could also show up as a deeper crimson color. It could be found in your stool, after you wipe with toilet paper, or in the toilet bowl. Anal bleeding can indicate the presence of several GI issues and should be evaluated by a healthcare professional. If you've been having anal bleeding, our gastrointestinal doctors at Gastroenterology Consultants can help. Our doctors can diagnose the concern and work to resolve it. Please reach out to our GI facility in Houston, TX today.

Rectal bleeding can be caused by a variety of different GI concerns. In the event that you've experienced rectal bleeding and are uncertain of the reason, it is important to schedule a consultation with a gastrointestinal doctor. Several prevalent causes of rectal bleeding include:

  • A rectal ulcer (a minor cut in the lining of the anus)

  • Diverticular disease (a bulging sac occurring in the gastrointestinal wall)

  • Fewer bowel movements than normal

  • Lumpy bowel movements

  • Hemorrhoids

  • Intestinal polyps

Our staff frequently sees individuals who deal with anal bleeding in Houston, TX and will appropriately find the root of the problem. Our doctors understand how uncomfortable this problem can make you feel, and we will work to make sure the treatment is offered as promptly as possible.

Anal bleeding is usually resolved in stages, depending on the severity of the symptom. For bleeding due to problems like an anal fissure or hemorrhoids, you could be advised to use drugstore ointments or rectal suppositories. For more heavy anal bleeding, it is likely that you will need intravenous therapy or a transfusion for severe loss of blood. However, it is important to set up a visit to Gastroenterology Consultants so that you can get the right solution that fits your needs.

Find a solution for anal bleeding by scheduling a consultation at one of our Houston, TX locations today. Our knowledgeable staff of gastrointestinal specialists will suggest the care required in order to solve your GI problem. Get in touch with Gastroenterology Consultants now to learn more.

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