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Hiatal hernias are a common concern among individuals living in the U.S. Your esophagus moves through a small opening in your diaphragm and then attaches with the stomach. This small cleft in the diaphragm is known as the hiatus. A hiatal hernia occurs when the upper part of your stomach pushes upward past the hiatus and into your chest cavity. If you're experiencing symptoms or seeking treatment for a hiatal hernia in Houston, TX, then we recommend sharing your concerns with a digestive health specialist. We urge you to schedule a consultation at Gastroenterology Consultants to learn more about your condition and how we might help you treat it.

A hiatal hernia can often come about as the result of weakened muscle groups and tissues both in and around the hiatus. There are a number of known risk factors that may compromise the muscle strength around the diaphragm and increase your risk of a hiatal hernia, including:

  • Pushing hard when you have a bowel movement
  • People older age 50
  • Changes in your hiatus related to trauma or a surgical procedure
  • Those born with an unusually large hiatus
  • Exercising with heavy weights
  • Throwing up
  • Being overweight
  • Age-related alterations in your diaphragm muscles
  • Persistent coughing

The sensations you experience due to a hiatal hernia may differ depending on how severe the hernia is. There are a few symptoms that are common to many individuals with hiatal hernias:

  • Trouble breathing
  • Black or tarry bowel movements
  • Acid reflux and heartburn
  • Throwing up blood
  • Difficulty swallowing
  • Discomfort in the chest
  • Stomach pain

In case you experience one or more of the hiatal hernia signs listed here, we encourage you to contact our Houston, TX digestive health team to set up a consultation.

In mild cases, a hiatal hernia will often resolve on its own. The specialists at Gastroenterology Consultants are ready to work toward a diagnoses and render care if necessary. If you are having symptoms, some standard interventions for a hiatal hernia are:

  • Don't lie down after a meal
  • Antacid medications
  • Quit tobacco
  • Surgery
  • Get to your ideal weight
  • Reduce acid reflux by adjusting your diet
  • Sleep with your head elevated
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The board-certified digestive health specialists at Gastroenterology Consultants are dedicated to helping you and your loved ones get the treatments you deserve for better GI wellness. If you've been experiencing persistent acid reflux or additional hiatal hernia issues that are difficult to deal with, it might be time for professional assistance. If you want to arrange a visit with a GI physician who offers treatment for a hiatal hernia in Houston, TX, we invite you to contact our staff today.

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