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Diverticulosis is a condition in which small pockets develop in the colon and extend through weak parts in the outer lining of the organ. Though these pouches, termed diverticula, could happen in any part of the colon, they are typically found on the left half of the abdomen, referred to as the sigmoid and descending colon. This is generally not a serious issue and does not typically lead to symptoms. Diverticulosis and diverticulitis both fall in the category of diverticular disease. Diverticulitis is a disease in which the little sacs caused by diverticulosis get diseased or swollen. Individuals will have diverticulosis prior to having diverticulitis. In the event that you have diverticulosis, it is important that you be monitored by a GI doctor so you can safeguard against diverticulitis. We welcome you to call Gastroenterology Consultants now to request a visit. Our digestive health providers are pleased to offer dedicated treatment for diverticular disease in Houston, TX.

As of this time, medical science has not reached a consensus on what exactly causes diverticulosis. The general thought is that these bulges come through the outside intestine when irregular stress is exerted in the colon, whether due to colon contractions or constipation. Additionally, there seems to be a solid association with family history, which indicates that genetic makeup could pose someone at a higher risk for diverticulosis. Being older is the top risk determinant for diverticulosis. The condition can affect both males and females. Starting when you turn 40, the possibility of developing diverticulosis increases approximately every 10 years. Roughly 50% of individuals between 60-80 have developed diverticulosis, and the majority of individuals older than 80 experience the problem.

For the most part, diverticulosis does not manifest with obvious symptoms. If you were to notice any signs of diverticulosis, those often involve:

  • Stomach pain as well as cramping
  • Trouble having a bowel movement
  • Gas
  • Loose stools

If you deal with any alarming signs in your GI tract including the ones listed, call Gastroenterology Consultants to consult with a digestive health specialist in your area.

The primary care goal for diverticulosis is to prevent the sacs in the intestine from becoming diseased or swollen. The Houston, TX gastroenterology providers will be able to discuss the appropriate options for your issue, although several possible treatments are:

  • Probiotics
  • Foods high in fiber
  • Fiber supplements

Common ways to avoid diverticular conditions include:

  • Avoid beef products and foods high in fat
  • Avoid using anti-inflammatory medications such as aspirin
  • Quit smoking or don't start smoking
  • Lose weight if needed
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Individuals who have or are at risk of diverticulosis are advised to consult with a gastrointestinal health expert who can help improve their condition. We can help you search for a local gastrointestinal provider with our physician-led team of digestive health specialists at Gastroenterology Consultants. If you have indications of a digestive health illness or require intervention for diverticulosis in Houston, TX, get in touch with us as soon as possible to request a consultation with a board-certified digestive health specialist so we can help you keep up optimal wellness.

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